Leaving Montpellier

That’s it. Everything has happened much faster than I expected. After 2 years of living in Montpellier, it’s time for a change. This time is going to be much harder that in previous occasions. Alicante » Dublin » Alicante » Barcelona » Montpellier. And now it’s time to leave Montpellier.

I like Montpellier because it reminds me of Alicante. It’s great having my friends just 10 minutes away from home, it’s great waking up in the morning and realize that the only sound around is the birds singing out of the window. It doesn’t rain too much and the climate is more or less like in Alicante, just a bit colder.

I’ve met very nice people here. People I love now. Probably the fact that they’re different from the people I’ve met in my life makes them even more special. French people I’ve met are not that different from me, but I’ve got really attached to them. How to explain this? These people are very positive, they like enjoying life in the same way I do. I guess this has been one of the key points that has made me love them this much.

Montpellier is a small city, even smaller than Alicante. But at the same time it’s the capital of the region and it’s very lively. In less than 1 hour it’s possible to visit astonishing places, hike beautiful mountains, bike around…

The «Lez» is the river that flows through Montpellier, turns to Lattes and then goes direct to the Mediterranean sea. There is a path that goes next to the river, a path that I’ve run, biked and run many times. From there, it’s possible to have a great view of the sunset. Many times I had to stop to just enjoy the view. I could notice and be aware of how beautiful this place is.

SONY DSCI use my bike to go everywhere: to work, to have a beer with my friends, to party…

I feel special here because I’m a foreigner. In my country, I’m just like the others, but here I’m «different» (in a good way) just by default. What it’s fun is that all my French friends are special in the same way for me. I think I spend too much time at looking at them, the way they do, they behave, they live their lives.

I love the French language. It’s just beautiful, great musicians, great comedians, great movies. It’s a shame I’m leaving that soon, there is still room for improving my French.

At work I’ve met great people. I’m a better professional thanks to them. Both my colleagues and my clients have gave me the possibility to get the best of me. I like them and I will miss H and M once I’m gone. I’m not sure I’ll be able to laugh that much in my future jobs.

These last days in Montpellier I have my heart more open than ever. I pay attention to everything that happens around me: people I meet every day, how the city moves, the sound of the river, this beautiful sky…

I’m sad, but I’m also happy because this is a wonderful experience. This is part of life.

I’m preparing a suitcase that weighs nothing and which will be with me the rest of my life. I’m aware.

I am aware.

I am aware.

I’m so sad because everything ends and everything begins again. I’m so happy because everything ends and everything begins again.

Leaving Montpellier

Un pensament sobre “Leaving Montpellier

  1. Hi Pau,

    Don’t know if my mail reached your Smilie inbox this morning, so trying here! Was a great pleasure to work with you. Was able to feel that positive and strong energy even throughout the phone. Thanks for that. Wish you all the best for the next steps and yes, let’s be aware! Mindfulness it is.
    Keep on smiling and Make happy, as the monkeys from Kipling.
    Good luck!
    ps: very jealous of you doing the camino de santiago 🙂

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